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#4 Top-Rated Pool Cleaner By Choice For Residential Pools

Dolphin Supreme M4

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Exciting Maytronics Dolphin News:

Maytronics has just release the new Dolphin Oasis Z5 which combines the cleaning power of the Dolphin Supremes with the most popular features such as top-loading cartridge filters, dual-drive brushes, remote control, free caddy, and a 3 year warranty.

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Maytronic Dolphin Supreme M4

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Dolphin Supreme M4 Description

The Dolphin Supreme made by Maytronics is the newest brush model available with some unique features. Priced under most Aquabot units, the Maytronics Dolphin Supreme offers some unique cleaning features. Maytronics has been around since the 1970’s and has shown the pool industry that they make decent cleaners. Although hard to distinguish at times due to the vast array of model color differences, the Dolphin makes a good cleaner. The Supreme is far better than some of Dolphin’s older models like the Diagnostic. Below is an explanation of some of these improvements.

Although already thought of in various forms, the Maytronics uses intelligent scanning which automatically scans your pool surface to detect the size and shape. This feature will eliminate hang-ups or delays in the cleaning cycle which equates to a more efficient cleaning experience. This M4 also will climb up side walls up to 90 degrees eliminating the concern for steep climbs or hard to reach benches and steps. The really great feature we choose to highlight is the extra active brush that sits in the middle of the unit on the bottom. Although this brush is not driven off of the drive pulley system, it acts as an extra scrubbing agent to help the cleaner efficiently get the extra debris.

Filtering: The Supreme M4 uses a filtration technology with 2 filters installed to help better the filtration rate. Most of the dolphins use a filter bag, so switching to a cartridge filter style was definitely an adjustment for those die-hard fans. The benefit to the cartridges is that accessing them for cleaning is very easy as they are placed on top.

The Supreme M4 is Dolphin’s answer to the Aqua Products units as they are finally heading towards the trend of units that are easier to work on, and clean. Still not able to utilize power-washing jet technology, the Dolphin still puts up a good fight in the pool cleaner world.

Though a solid unit, it might not be as dynamic as you are looking for. For this reason we rate the Dolphin Supreme M4 number 4 on our list.

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Maytronic Dolphin Supreme M4
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